26 December 2014

Favourite Photos

This weeks blog comes from the South Lakes Upland Footpath team and comprises some of our favourite photographs from 2014.

Our biggest upland footpath project of the year was on the path from Red Tarn to Crinkle Crags and seems a good starting point for pictures.....

Atmospheric bag filling for the Red Tarn to Crinkle Crags Upland path project
(Rock from screes near Gaitscale Gill)

Bag filling up close
(Ian & Luke hard at work)

A pleasant journey home after a good day of bag filling
(On a "crisp" March day)

Our daily commute past Red Tarn for this project was very nice too
Constructing a temporary shed for shelter and storage

Shed construction finished
(Complete with a Crinkle Crags backdrop)
A wet day working on the project
(Although we did have mostly good days during our 2014 upland season)

Our other main project was on Striding Edge. We get to work in beautiful locations but it is fair to say that working on this iconic Helvellyn route was particularly special. It has become a favourite location and we are looking forward to working there again in 2015.....

An atmospheric Striding Edge as we walked along it
(in April for the Helicopter lifts)
'High Spying How' on Striding Edge poking through the  cloud
(Viewed from Helvellyn headwall in September)
Moving rock for the project by helicopter
During some of the helicopter lifts walkers had to wait until a break in flying
(We were very grateful for people's patience & understanding)
Work in progress on Striding Edge
How many Upland Rangers can you spot?

In the winter we come down from the fells and spend most of our time working in (equally beautiful) lower level countryside.

View along Coniston Water
(One we get to enjoy every day)

A very nice lunchtime view from Harrowslack, on the West Shore of Windermere
(Whilst we were building a stone slipway in December)

Bonus Picture: an old favourite from January 2013
(A Wintery Coniston Old Man & Wetherlam viewed from Tarn Hows)


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