8 March 2013

Basecamp blitzed ......

 …… But in a good way! We’ve recently had our second ‘Basecamp Blitz’ up here at the volunteer centre, the first of which we ran back in December 2011. For five days Basecamp was a flurry of activity with a gang of volunteers and working holiday leaders turning up to work through our big 'to do' list of jobs. As well as loads of deep cleaning one block’s kitchen and communal area has been repainted, with the other having one of it’s dormitories redone. With the everything done in the last Blitz this means the whole Basecamp has been repainted over the last couple of years!
All dressed up and ready for painting
But it wasn’t just painting: A plumber has fixed some leaky pipes and a seamstress has patched up some of our most worn out old sofas, broken tools have been mended, a new barbecue area started and our garden area given a tidy up. With all the many miscellaneous little jobs that were tackled the whole place feels freshened up and fighting fit for the new volunteering year.

The new barbecue area taking shape
It’s been a fantastic team effort by everyone involved and we’re really chuffed with the results – we’d literally never have done it without all the help from the volunteers. There was also an additional benefit in that the working holiday leader contingent used the Saturday night to have a get together and talk through various issues. So not only were we getting the place spruced up, we were providing a conference centre!

The blitzers take a break

But it was all a bit much for some!
 By Rob Clarke, Community Ranger, High Wray Basecamp