5 October 2012

Volunteers on film!

It's not all work with spades and wheelbarrows here at the Basecamp. We're always trying to raise awareness of the work we do at the volunteer centre and how it often has benefits beyond simply helping to look after our countryside alone. So we decided to try to make a film of the Basecamp experience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a 'moving picture' worth.

The group we chose Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community, is a rehabilitation centre from Lancaster. They've been coming to Basecamp for years now and we've got a really good working relationship with them, so we decided on their April visit to roll the cameras.

Littledale Hall hard at work; cameras just out of sight ...
We spent the week working on our main job of the year, continuing the lakeshore path at Wray Bay. Local filmmaker Dayve Ward filmed the group on the work days and the group and National Trust rangers had small video cameras to catch extra footage. With all those cameras we ended up with quite a lot of footage to sort through!

The group on their completed section of path.
And that’s the thing about making even a short film, there’s an awful lot of work goes into producing a final product. It took a while, but after quite a few editing sessions we finally had a finished version. We’re very pleased with it and took it to Littledale Hall for a ‘premier showing’ where it went down very well.

Take a look at it below (it runs for around 6 minutes, longer than most 'on-line' videos but we wanted to be able to use it in presentations as well as posting it to our You Tube TV channel.)

Follow the link below to our NTSouth LakesTV channel and you can see more videos of our work here in the South Lakes.
NTSouthLakes TV channel.

post & photos by Rob
video by Rob & Dayve from Photography by Ward


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