19 October 2012

A late taste of Summer and a well timed ranger Day

In the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of days that have given us a taste of what the summer could have been. When the weather is that good you just have to get out and about and enjoy our gorgeous surroundings. One Sunday morning I found myself being drawn back towards work and the Coniston Fells. I took a walk over Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man, but on the way it gave me chance to have a look at some National Trust farmland at Tranearth, this is a part of our patch that I don't get to very often, but always appreciate when I'm there.

Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man, taken from Tranearth.

On the way round my walk it was a great opportunity to have a look at the footpath network and its condition, passing some of the great work done by our upland footpath rangers and the Fix the Fells volunteer lengthsmen. However my main draw to getting out on that gorgeous Sunday, was undoubtedly the views. 

View over Coniston Water from the top of the Old Man

What good timing for our Ranger day... 
Twice a year all of the National Trust rangers from across the lakes, get together for a day of workshops and a bit of fun as well. This time the ranger day was held on the side of Derwent Water and in the morning we had updates from our various teams across the lakes, this was a great opportunity to learn how everyone had done this summer and share good practise to help us do an even better job in the future. We then split up into groups to discuss subjects such as Archaeology, Conservation and countryside events. With the aim to share ideas and suggest improvements. In the afternoon we all went on a canoe trip around the southern end of Derwent Water to look at a canoe based activity trail, what luck with the weather! 

A great day for ranger canoeing!

Posted By Sam Stalker


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