19 January 2012

The Tale of Four Little Pigs

is this what they mean by free range pork?
Proving life is never dull as a National Trust ranger, our Lead Ranger John has spent some time this week sorting out the’Tale of Four Little Pigs’.

The Tale began at the weekend when John was contacted by several people who told him that a small group of pigs had appeared in one of our car parks near Coniston Water. It seems that the pigs may just have been left there and they have now set up home in our adjacent wood. John’s enquiries with farms nearby, the police, RSPCA and DEFRA have failed to provide any further information and no owner has stepped forward.

Luckily the Tale can have a happy ending as John himself has a farm close by and will be able to give them a home … all he has to do now is trot down there, snout around a bit and catch them!

Story by Linda
[photo credit Dayve Ward]