22 April 2016

The 8th World Ranger Congress

Every now and then we hear stories on the news of rangers from other countries dying in the course of their jobs - protecting wild animals, trying to prevent the complete destruction of rainforests and other sensitive habitats and I think how lucky we rangers are in the UK that we don’t need to take guns to work with us, or wear bullet proof vests. That our visitors on the whole understand what we are trying to do, what we are trying to conserve and protect. Rangering is a varied and exciting profession which we need to shout more about. This is where the great work of organizations like the International Ranger Federation (IRF) comes in.

The IRF ‘ensure the world’s terrestrial and marine parks, and the flora and fauna that live in them, are protected from vandalism, poaching, theft, exploitation or destruction’ – The IRF is the voice for the world’s park rangers 

Every 3 years, the IRF organises a gathering of rangers from all around the world to share stories, learn new skills, create lasting partnerships and experiences of what it is like to be at the front line, protecting the world’s most special places. This worldwide event has been hosted in places as far apart as Australia, Scotland, Tanzania and South Africa and will be attended by rangers from 40+ countries. This year, it is being held in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Myself and Chris Wood (Ranger at the North York Moors and Yorkshire Coast Properties) have been chosen to represent the National Trust at the 8th congress in May. And to say I am excited is a huge understatement. 

Reflection of Hallett Peak in Estes Park - Wow

Obviously, Colorado is a loooong way away so I plan on making the most of it. I’ll also spend a week meeting some of the rangers in the Grand Canyon Parashant National Park. My kind and generous hosts have made exciting plans for me including an opportunity to join their ranger pilot for a flight over Lake Mead and Parashant. I’ll also get to experience an overnight trip into the Parashant International Night Sky Province to see the night sky in this truly wild place! 

One of the amazing views of the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument

This trip will be a very humbling and real celebration of what it means to be a ranger and be part of the worldwide ranger community. Chris and I will share this experience and raise awareness of the IRFs work with our fellow NT ranger colleagues as well as with you, our visitors and supporters. Watch this space.

I wonder if I'll see any marmots?

Clair Payne
Hawkshead and Claife 


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