25 December 2015

Memorable photos.

This weeks blog comprises of some favorite and memorable photos of the South Lakes Footpath Team projects throughout the year.

Our main project this year was working on the Coniston Old Man path from Low water to the summit. Thanks to help from the wider ranger team at Boon Crag we filled the helibags in time for the scheduled helicopter flights.

All rangers at the ready! bag filling blitz!

Photo by Paul Kingston
Photo by Paul Kingston

Working on the erosion scars on Striding edge lent itself to some spectacular photos this year. As well as physically combating erosion issues within the Lake District education is also vital, sharing knowledge within the National trust is part of this. Below is a photo of South Lakes 'walk on the wild side' team day discussing the erosion concerns on Striding edge.

Team day on Striding edge.
Amazing refection in Red tarn below Striding edge.

Decent day on Striding edge.

Don't throw the bucket!!

Previous footpath projects often need maintenance, such as extra drainage, repairing stone pitching or path re-surfacing. One of the maintenance tasks this year was on Mart Crag Moor in the Langdales, topping up the low points on the path. This involved mining for glacial till otherwise know as pinnel which acts as a hard wearing surface material. 

Pinnel pies.
Walking to Mart Crag Moor from vehicle (white dot in valley)
Looking up the valley from the vehicle.
Some other memorable photos throughout the year on different work site.

Cloud inversion looking down Tongue gill from Fairfield.

Kipping at lunchtime on Dovedale.
Faint rainbow at Hole rake Christmas work party.