11 December 2015

A fond farewell to South Lakes

Every year when our annual cohort of full time, long term volunteers leaves, we make them (ask them to) write a blog reflecting on their experience. Well, this time it’s my turn to leave after a very happy couple of years working at South Lakes, and it seems only right that I should join in the tradition. It feels far too soon to be going, but when I look back at what we’ve been up to since January 2013, I’m amazed by the amount and variety of stuff we’ve managed to fit in!

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked in some of the most spectacular spots in the country…

…including hidden gems….

…on the most picturesque days.

I’ve built fences to make space for nature…

…and seen the results.

Experienced the madness of a film set…

…and the peculiar madness of Lake District wall gaps.

Not to mention that of spending too much time in the office.

And closest to my heart, I’ve met some great trees…

…and people.

So as the sun sets on my time at South Lakes, it's just left to say big love to the team, I’m gutted to be leaving x