13 March 2015

New Rangers on the Block

Hello! We are Ted and Abi, new volunteer rangers with the team at Boon Crag. 

So far we’ve had a variety of work and weather testing our waterproofs to the max, wellies full of water, but soaking up beautiful views too!

Work goes on, whether fencing or replacing a gate in a deluge – as Ruskin said: “there is no such thing as bad weather, only different types of good weather” (We may have to remind ourselves of that one!!)

No two days are the same. Abi has been ‘chopping and shifting stuff’ at Claife viewing station. She has yet to get a well-earned brew from the new cafe opening on 28th March!!

Ted has learnt how to use an angle grinder, the power barrow, and was asked the question ‘how do you shift a tonne and a half boulder?’ Easy: 3 rangers and a lot of grunting.

And after.
Before . . .

We are looking forward to getting stuck in to the full scope of being a Ranger within such a diverse and interesting property.

…And the most important thing we have learnt is to never be further than 10 meters from your lunch!