31 January 2014

A year in a minute and a half

At High Wray Basecamp volunteer centre it’s often the trip up our track that is the first thing visitors comment on, with it’s fantastic view towards Ambleside and the Fairfield Horseshoe.

‘I could look at it all year’ has been said by a number of people, which got us thinking – could we show the view from the track for a whole year?
So in 2013 every time we came up it in the morning we took a photo. Here they all are, fast forwarded to scrunch a year down to a minute or so. It wiggles about a bit as the camera’s ‘tripod’ was an old fence post with a home made frame (seen briefly at the start), which we had to slot it into each day. As well as this cows gradually pushed the original post over until it needed a replacement and there’s also a big gap in the middle due to holidays (Summer wasn't that short, honestly). 
Just one day in the year - a sunny mid February morning
 Despite all this we think it gives an interesting perspective on the seasons changing and we think you can really understand why the view does attract so many comments.
But it’s not just visitors to Basecamp that can marvel in vistas like this – the Lake District is full of them and looking at this every day makes us feel very fortunate to be playing a part in helping to look after it. It’s the most inspiring start to a day you could wish for!
You can see the film here:

By Rob Clarke, Community Ranger, High Wray Basecamp volunteer centre