1 July 2013

What a ranger intern does

Our ranger intern Leila gives an update on what she's been doing since she started her time with us several weeks ago....

Leila at Wray Castle
It’s seven weeks into my internship and I’m really beginning to find my feet and feel part of the team here. So what does an intern do?

Well a bit of everything really. I’ve spent time with all the different ranger teams and it’s been a real insight into what rangering is. There’s plenty of practical work to be done with a lot of grass to be cut around visitor sites at this time of year, especially Wray Castle – a job we all grumble about, but that I secretly enjoy! Endless dry stone wall gaps to be repaired; fencing to take down and put up; a boardwalk to put in and I’ve had great fun driving all the different vehicles to and from work sites, which are much bigger than anything I’ve driven before!

But it’s not all practical work and I’ve been helping out with volunteer groups and attending meetings too, as well as learning about plant identification and going out surveying the hay meadows around Hill Top.

It’s been an exciting month and a half and I’m looking forwards to getting stuck in to the next six months.

post by intern Leila .