14 June 2013

Interns out and about.

With the weather warming up nicely to coincide with the bank holiday and half term the whole area has been busy. A couple of MOT trips to Wray Castle were made to put down gravel in the car park and along the side of the entry road to help curb soil erosion. Us new interns have been getting stuck into strimming, fencing and walling at various locations and are really enjoying it, great to be out and about as paperwork and admin erode the brain after a while!

 One of the fencing projects recently has been at Low Peel Near, with there being lots of bedrock no more than a few inches from the surface life has been hard trying to dig in the straining posts. With the driller finally deciding to work for a while we made some headway, the section next to the road is now done and dusted (much to the relief of everybody). The area that was fenced off near the shoreline has allowed a carpet of Bluebells to come through and some oak saplings are progressing well.

Low Peel Near

 Love going out and exploring over the weekend and woke up early to do Helvellyn on Saturday morning. Weather was clear so there were some amazing views at the top. The one here is looking back over Striding Edge, next time I will do a longer loop, but the stomach was rumbling and I had an insufficient lunch of a banana and a cereal bar. A café was calling my name at the bottom.  The path team have been working on Swirral Edge all week landscaping the footpath line to protect some rare alpine plants.

Striding Edge

Trying to use my camera to full potential

 Post by Stu


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