5 April 2013

Scenic Snow Shovelling to Tarn Hows

Thunderbird 2 to the rescue, as John clears the road.

 It was another case of Rangers to the rescue as we spent a day clearing the road up to Tarn Hows after the recent bout of snow. We had the Mountain Goat getting stuck, a member of the public throwing over their Landrover and a number of determined drivers battling through the snow to reach the tarn. When we began the road was in a treacherous state, but after a hard days work from John, Stuart and the tractor, we successfully re-opened the road.

Its a damn sight easier than shovelling by hand!

Even though there is still snow on the ground Tarn Hows has been extremely popular over the Easter break so far, with many families taking part in our annual Easter Egg hunt and stopping to watch the hungry birds taking advantage of the bird feeding station beside the car park.

The old fashioned hand power still has its place!

If you've never been to Tarn Hows, come and check it out. Its a great place to introduce your family to the countryside with well surfaced wheelchair friendly paths and a lovely relaxing walk with lots to see along the way. Come and see the picturesque designed landscape in the awe inspiring backdrop of the lake district fells. I still think this and I work here daily, so surely it must be good.

Posted by Sam Stalker


  1. I'm sure it's cold and hard work - but this read makes it seem as fun as Thomas the Tank Engine and his snow clearing mates.


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