16 February 2013

Ranger Recovery Services

Final few feet to the top, Hawkshead Hill
As you may have notice, this week there was a just little bit of precipitation! Wednesday morning bought about five inches of snow to Coniston and the surrounding area, and with it came the adventures of trying to get up even the smallest of slopes without a four wheel drive.

Even the rangers made a tactical retreat at lunch time, but not before we got involved in the recovery business for a bit.

The  picture above is a guy that very nearly made it. He had got to within ten foot of the top of Hawkshead hill, and no further.  We did get him to the top; all he had to do then was get down the other side!  
These ones are of one of the rangers, Sam, towing one of our holiday cottage visitors out of the Claife Estate woods.

Recovery agent, Mr Sam Stalker
Out of the woods at Trees holiday cottage, Claife

Although it did cause mayhem, it was rather pretty and it just goes to prove that as a ranger your never a hundred percent sure what the day will bring.
Sunset from High Cross