2 November 2012

Bunka bunka party!

In contrast to the glorious outdoor pictures of the last few posts, there was a different kind of work day recently here at the volunteer centre. For a while we've wanted to replace our squeaky old bunk beds but could never afford it until recently when a very kind donor offered to give us a chunk of money for this purpose. The old ones were metal and had a rather 'prison' like feel to them, so we wanted wooden ones and we also wanted some kind of built in storage as that's rather lacking in the dormitories. After a bit of shopping around we found we could afford to by enough beds to replace all 11 of them Acland block, a real bonus as it's more expensive than you might think when you have a specific wish list like that!

Rangers Nick and Luke get to grip with the comprehensive instructions
We got the order in and requested some of the ranger team to help put them together. It was a good job we did too, as they came in five seperate boxes per bed and with a complex set of instructions to follow. The delivery driver optimistically reckoned they'd take 'a couple of hours' to put together, which, after a bit of practice, was probably about right. The problem was that the beds were delivered just two days before a group was due to be using the block, after a delay due to a van breakdown. So the Acland block resembled a bizarre kind of highly pressurized game show, with a whole clutch of rangers frantically bolting and screwing them together. In the end the main body of the beds were all completed in time, but the built in storage was a different matter. These turned out to be quiet fiendish in design and need a few hours alone to put together, meaning we only managed three of them before the time was up.

Jamie needing all his concentration for the fiendish storage units

Now, the dormitories have a much warmer and more welcoming feel with a lot less squeaking going on. We've got a busy November ahead so won't get the chance to build any more storage units until December, but at least we have the quieter winter months then to tackle them. Many thanks to rangers Luke, Sarah, Glenn, Nick and Stuart for helping us out - there may not be somewhere for everyone to put their pants just yet, but at least they've got somewhere to sleep!
Sarah, Fix the Fells 'woman at the top' lives up to her title!
By Rob Clarke, Basecamp Community Ranger


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