7 September 2012

Subsoil on Stake Pass

Earlier years work on Stake Pass viewed from the distance
(Start of current section can be seen at the bottom)
Stake Pass is an ancient route linking the valleys of Langdale and Langstrath and is on the Cumbria Way walking route.In recent weeks the South Lakes Upland Footpath team have been continuing a project on the North side of Stake Pass.
There were erosion problems on this route and the aim has been to repair the erosion and create a sustainable path.

The path zig-zags into the Langstrath valley and this project started in 2009.

The path created is a "subsoil" path and relies on compacted subsoil material to create a hard wearing path surface. This differs from a lot of path work in the fells which relies heavily on rock.

The subsoil surface is the last part of the process and there is work to do before this stage. A band of turf is first removed and there is lots of work re-shaping the ground to create the path shape with a drainage ditch above.  It can be labour intensive!

A section stripped of turf with re-shaping underway
During the "construction" work we look out for the hard subsoil and collect it to use for the final surface.

Ian "mining" the subsoil for the final path surface
Once the path shape is created the turf is replaced on the sides and adjacent slope. The final subsoil surface can then be applied to complete a section of path.

A completed path section

British summer weather can have some benefits

Post by Nick, Upland Footpath Ranger