21 September 2012

Fun Fires and Frames

This last month we have been involed in numerous tasks, projects and activities, all of which have led to an extremely interesting month.

We have been involved in clearing the garden of Tarn Hows cottage to get it ready for re-let to new tenants.
Relaxing after a hard day with a brew and a view!

It was a hard job with loads of brambles and saplings to clear, but we had the help of our ever enthusiastic South Lakes Conservation Volunteers, with a fire and amazing views. This type of task is always so satisfying because you uncover hidden features of the garden as you go, whilst preparing it for a future of use to be enjoyed by the tenants to come.

Eager to try the frame, even before it is finished
One of our tasks this month has been to erect some giant picture frames at a couple of our favourite views.We put up one looking over Tarn Hows, which has been used by many of our visitors as a quirky way to frame them in their view. We have put another at Wray Castle, looking south down lake Windermere. We had people testing it out before we had even finished putting it up!

The products of a happy day den building
The highlight of the last month for me has been the day that I spent at Wray Castle showing kids how to build dens, it was so satisfying showing them the basics and then letting them have a go. This is just one of the activities that we have been doing there as part of the National Trust "50 things to do before you're 11 3/4" campaign.

Written by Sam Stalker