20 July 2012

Shed Life

The Upland Ranger team has spent the majority of the summer curing man made erosion on the high fells and one of the first tasks on the large scale projects is to erect the teams shed. We have the shed flown up to worksites to give the team some vital protection from the elements.When you’re working in horizontal rain and being buffeted by the wind then it’s a real morale boost to have a break from it at lunchtime. It’s your normal garden shed that you can get from any garden centre but with one or two adjustments so that it can withstand the notorious Lakeland weather.

A room with a view

We often get asked by walkers what the shed is for.We have a sign on the door explaining why it’s there but sometimes people have a guess anyway.We’ve overheard people suggesting that it might be overnight accommodation, a hide to spot wildlife and on one occasion someone even thought it was a drinks kiosk.

Brews up
The shed has often been mistaken for a toilet and when people arrive to use the facilities and find that it’s just a shed then they take advantage of the high sides and cover it provides anyway.Embarrassingly for all involved, it’s sometimes whilst we’ve been in there.With one particular shed, we seemed to attract a number of low flying military aircraft day after day and we wondered if the shed played a part in target practice.

Most of the time we don’t have the luxury of having sheds because much of what we do is smaller, maintenance type work and so sometimes you have to improvise when a break from the weather is needed.

Spot the Ranger
I should say that the photo is from winter time on top of Crinkle Crags and although we’ve had some rough summer days so far, it’s not been that bad. Where possible, we try and keep the sheds tucked away and discrete but if you do happen to see one on some remote fell side then you now know why it could be there.

By Ian Griffiths (Upland Ranger)


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