11 May 2012

Variety is the Spice of Life

Unloading pallets of Blazer logs with the tractor, what a time saver!
Once again its been a varied last couple of weeks, with ever changing days and jobs meaning that there is never a dull moment, which is exactly why I enjoy my job!

So far this morning we have been delivering blazer logs for the National Trust steam Yacht Gondola. Blazer Log delivery is a job that we do every couple of weeks, taking the logs from our store at Boon Crag down to Pier Cottage where the Gondola sails from throughout the summer.

In the past the Gondola ran on coal, however coal is a dirty fuel that is not very environmentally friendly and can result in passengers being covered in soot from the funnel. We now use Blazer Logs made up from scrap wood which are far more sustainable than coal as they burn more cleanly, meaning passengers leave the boat soot free.

The steam Yacht Gondola moored at Pier Cottage, getting ready for a days sailing on Coniston Water.

Moving signs to make a change...

A small but very enjoyable job last week, involved moving some road signs on a unclassified road (UCR) at Parkamoor on the hills to the East of Coniston Water. The National Trust have been working with the Lake District National Park Authority, South Lakeland District Council and Colton Parish Council to minimise the damage caused by 4x4 vehicles on Parkamoor. The first step was to get the sign for the end of the UCR in the right place. Stuart and myself went up there and moved the signs, re-using an old slate gate post to mount them on, true recycling, using local materials!

A Japanese TV star of the future? We'll see..
I spent a very enjoyable morning last week filming with NHK television, who were making a 5 part series on Beatrix Potter, the Lake District and the National Trust. Richard and myself went out with the film crew and repaired a drystone wall on the western shores of Windermere, followed by planting a tree next to Little Langdale tarn, all the while we were talking about the work of the National Trust in the countryside and the incredible legacy that Beatrix Potter left for us all to enjoy.

Written By Sam Stalker