28 May 2012

Fun at the Castle

Martin moving some tree trunks in the Natural Play Area
As part of the "50 Things to do before your 113/4" natural play campaign we are putting a number of activities at Wray Castle to get children started on their adventure towards the fantastic 50.

Scrap books and completion stickers will be available at the Castle reception plus a small map of the site with ideas of where at least eight of the "Things" can be completed. There will be an activity area where children can build dens, climb on tree trunks and swing on a rope swing.

  We will also be running activity days from time to time with Rangers on site to assist in various "Things" from stone skimming on the lake shore, den building, dam building and even pond dipping in a very big pond. Even if the weather isn't great there will be stuff happening in the Castle which is a fantastic place for kids to play as well as take part in any activities which will be taking place

Placing the rustic seating around the castle grounds
We have also placed some rustic seating around the castle grounds so visitors can make the most of the views and fantastic surroundings while taking a break from all the excitement. Picnic tables are also dotted round the grounds and we have a small cafe on site if you need to refuel.

We should have everything in place for the coming weekend so if you want to call in and let off some steam or just relax and take in the castle and the amazing views it will be great to see you.

John Atkinson
Lead Ranger


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