9 March 2012

Different people, same results

Ambleside uni getting to grips with the details.
The numbers game
How many volunteers does it take to lay a hedge?

Actually, if you asked us here at High Wray Basecamp volunteer centre we could tell you as we're quite obsessive about keeping records .....

It does depend on the hedge though. Some stretches, like the one we were doing with our snow bound working holiday last month are done by the same group of people over a number of days. But we work with plenty of volunteers who aren't staying for a week, but come for a day every month. 

Ambleside Uni with their feline overseer
One day at a time

Our 'day groups' as we call them (clever eh?) normally come on the same week, with a different day each. A recent week saw groups from Ambleside campus of the university of Cumbria, Kendal College, Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community (a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre), the South Lakes Conservation Group and the Fix the Fells voluntary lengthsmen all work on the same stretch of hedge.

Littledale Hall weaving the hedge together.
Some of these groups such as the SLCG and Lengthsmen have done quite a bit of hedgelaying with us over the last few years. The students though were trying it for the first time (although the same black farm cat that joined us last year arrived again to offer it's experience to Ambleside Uni) as were the group from Littledale Hall.

The lengthsmen by their finished section.
It's the results that count

So 'lots' is the answer to the original question. But you wouldn't know it to look at the hedge. We pride ourselves in helping everyone who works with us to do good work they can feel proud of and walking along it now you just see one well laid and tidy hedge. A great result for all concerned! 

By Rob Clarke, Basecamp Community Ranger.


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