10 February 2012

Snow and bird hotels

Just outside the office door - Coniston Water
 Let it snow......

First challenge of the week….try to get to work! Like a lot of the country, the South Lakes was blanketed with the first snow of winter. Absolutely stunning to look at but a bit restrictive to work in, so many of the Ranger team took the opportunity to catch up on the all important paper work. Photos of the Ranger team sat at a computer are not the most interesting, so here are some of the South Lakes property in the snow instead!


View from Wray Castle

With the snow comes an opportunity to see what’s been out and about on our doorstep as foot prints and tracks are everywhere. These are just a couple of our neighbours here:          

                                            Rabbit footprint
Red deer footprint



National Nest Box Week

At this time of year some birds are starting to mate and nest. However, like now conditions can be harsh, so food and shelter can be in short supply. Next week sees the start of National Nest Box Week running from 14th to 21st February, encouraging people to put up nest boxes at this time of year. For more information check out the BTO website.

It's great for birds and wildlife, and on the property we are hoping to put up a Barn Owl box as one has been seen in the area. Fingers crossed we get some new residents in situ soon.......

post by Phil
photos by Phil


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